Photos by Melanie Mathieu

Photos by Melanie Mathieu

Nice to meet you!

My name is Irina, I am a documentary photographer. Family interactions, children’s imaginations, nature, how we bond as humans, all inspires my art.

I’ve been working in the Arts for over a decade and my curiosity around human behaviors fuels my creativity. I am a quiet observer and an excellent listener. I love the power photography has over our feelings and the truth it shares about our past. For these and many other reasons, I document my sessions on location and allow for people to be candid, natural and unposed in spaces they love and thrive in. I work closely with each of my clients to help them plan, and prepare for our time together. I offer a unique year of photography experience for families looking to create a yearbook of memories with a designed album. This experience guides them through 4 separate sessions, and helps them feel comfortable around my camera. 

I am also the founder of a Motherhood photo series called The Missing Frame Project™. The series was inspired by my own son, who noticed that our family photographs had me missing. He urged me to create a conversation and space so that other mothers don’t have the same experience in their journey and become invisible in Missing Frames™.

Today the series is:

- Captured in a classic format, photos are in black and white, against a dark background

- Interactive to showcase the bond and love between mom and baby.

- Original and authentic with no orchestrated posing or fancy props, but real moments that show the realism and love between a mother and child.

- Timed to be short and be an easy flow for a small child.

I work closely with other small businesses to bring the series as a pop up alongside their programs. You can visit the project site here or browse under projects to get a visual.

Tell me a bit more ….

My creativity follows by getting to know a client’s story. Our stories are what makes us unique and allows us to share with future generations what life was like today. Documentary images are historical and are built on allowing you to be you. They celebrate the everyday and create a visual for future generations.

Our time together is a collaboration of the vision you see and my guidance to delivering it. I am not a high volume photographer and only take on a limited amount of commissions per year and travel to destinations that fit my client’s vision. I offer an all-inclusive experience as it gives you complete control over the work created. These collections are built over countless hours - from planning, capturing and completing the design of your final legacy album. You can learn more details here.