Irina Fortey
Filmmaker + Photographer




My name is Irina.
You’ll often find me cuddled and snuggled with either one of my two children. Much like the photo you see here!
This photo features Patrick, who is a BIG muse to how I capture and preserve memories for families nowadays. Be sure to chat with me about it when we meet, you’ll be surprised at what I share!

Now let’s share a short bio :)
I’ve been an active photographer creating Art for over a decade. It all began with a fascination over how the visual world ruled a large portion of our emotions. It was magic to see how much we connect to images and the way moments are the fire ruling our psyche. We are always longing to remember so that we can discover the layers of who we are. This lead to a mixed area of education, I have a business and economic degree from York University and a photography studies certificate from Ryerson University. You can tell my head is mixed in both business and art simultaneously. My decade career has been mixed with creating Editorial and Commercial work for top Canadian businesses and public figures to now grouping my practice to creating editorial lifestyle images for families who love the realism of photojournalism.

My style is centered around the study of people and the captivating story each person has. My work always aims to share the sides of realism and beauty at play. Thanks for stopping by and reviewing a glimpse into my world.