Irina Fortey
Filmmaker + Photographer



Dear Parents,

nestled between needing more sleep,
craving a hot meal, or indulging in a hot shower

You are a sensitive seeker of the moment.

Soon you'll be watching your little baby grow right in front of your eyes. 
You will try to snap a million phone pics to savour it all, 
 but reality will show you are not in any of them, 
your cloud drive will be overflowing and
sadly you won't have the time to know where to start printing!

Let me show you how your family memories can live on forever.

I use the classic format of film to
undershoot, over deliver and
create a keepsake for your family by offering
a one-of-a-kind A Year of Family Photography collection.



admire your new parenting role; seeing how quickly time passes

have too little time to get in and really focus on making sure your feelings are forever frozen

you care about your child having images to remember their roots

you are laid back, casual, and strive to live in the moment



I love the everyday, life is too short to live it staged, things are perfect just the way they are.

After a decade of photographing people, I've learned the smallest moments are the most memorable and I am dedicated to capturing them.

Babies are only little once, so many changes happen in the first year of life, photographs are the best way to remember their growing journey.

I live to create art, when I am not working you'll find me gardening and snuggling with my own kids.