Irina Fortey
Filmmaker + Photographer

The Missing Frame Series ™

The Missing Frame Series™


The Missing Frame Series ™, is a body of work dedicated to Motherhood.

In my own journey as a mother, I focused much of my time photographing my own children’s milestones because I was in awe of all the growth changes I was witnessing. What I didn’t realize at that time was just how much I excluded myself from photos because it was easier to create around all the things I wanted to remember. Therefore, leaving myself out from the storyline of my children’s childhoods.

The Missing Frame Series ™ was born when my 7 year old son noticed that our family albums where filled with moments around him, his sister and dad. He urged me to create a conversation and space so that other mothers don’t have the same experience in their journey and become invisible in Missing Frames™.

Today the series is:

  • Captured in a classic format, photos are in black and white, against a dark background

  • Interactive to showcase the bond and love between mom and baby.

  • Original and authentic with no orchestrated posing or fancy props, but real moments that show the realism and love between a mother and child.

  • Timed to be short and be an easy flow for a small child.

Mothers are invited to join pop-up locations across Ottawa or in my private home studio in Barrhaven. The sessions are at no cost to capture. You simply cover prints or digital packages, which, start at $69.

Here is a list of upcoming dates January - February 2019.