Pimpernel & Plum - Ottawa baby + family resource

I am simply in love with the vision and purpose of this local Ottawa company! They create the best boxes for all types of events, from new baby, to pampering mom and even a love for dad. They do also offer custom gift boxes (which I've ordered!) to just about anyone special in your life. These two sisters have thought of it all! Sharing their story below and ensuring you know the best local place for all your baby and family gifts in Ottawa! What I am most excited about is their new subscription boxes which they will be launching next month, imagine receiving the perfect blend of pregnancy care, birth essentials, post-partum care and newborn baby necessities ~ dream! Thank you Tara and Tiffany for sharing your story with me and helping us create unique gifts for the special people in our lives! xo

Introduction: Tell us a bit about yourself!

Pimpernel & Plum is curated gift box company run by two sisters, Tiffany and Tara, who are also Moms. I (Tiffany) am the eldest and have a 1.5 year old boy. My sister, Tara, has a 3 year old and an 1 year old girls.

How did your business venture come about?

Being a new Mom can be a challenge. I was on maternity leave and it felt isolating. To help each other through the rough times, my sister and I would message back and forth on our phones every day. We would mostly chat about what our babies were doing, play scrabble, and share fun links - anything to get us through the day. 

One of the things we ended up messaging about were gifts for Moms. We would see the options that were out there and felt that we could do something better. And we felt so passionate about our ideas, that we decided to take the leap and make them into a business.

Why did you decided to cater your products towards mom and baby?

Being new Moms ourselves, we feel we have a good perspective on what products are helpful for Moms and babies. We don't want to forget new Dads, too, so we have created special gift boxes for them.

There are many great handmade baby items, artisan foods, natural and organic health products, and more that are all great for new families. We like to bring them together, so that friends and family buying gifts can give them something that is special and thoughtful. Many of the products we carry are also made locally, so you are supporting many other small, local businesses when you buy one of our gift boxes.

Which is your favourite curate gift box? Why?

My favourite box is probably the New Dad Box. I love it, not only because it is great for a first Father's Day gift, but also because I put so much time and effort into making the perfect gift a new Dad would appreciate.

If you have any advise to give a fellow mom, what would it be?

Both my sister and I love this quote from L.M. Montgomery (very Canadian, eh?): "Tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it".

What do you wish to remember the most about your children today?

I want to remember my little guys laugh and the fun times where simple things, like splashing water, can hold so much pleasure.